Take the Pledge

I charge that the media's hyper-sexualization of girls and women is not en vogue with the full expression of our substance, complexity, and unique humanity.  We are more than the sum of our parts; we deserve well being; we are leaders and game-changers of the conversation committed to a world guided by partnership principles.

I choose to champion my appetite for life by mindfully speaking my truth and standing for intersectionality: women's authenticity and voices in all our shapes, sizes, colours, backgrounds, identies and orientations, regardless of what consumer culture says.

 I redefine sexy as creative, kind, character-rich, and intelligent, recognizing that what my adorable, brilliant, sassy, authentic being is really hungry for is a powerful new legacy of love that stands free of the tyranny of image.

 I live this pledge in my own life by caring for my body with nutritious food choices most but not all of the time, moving my body because of how good regular activity makes me feel, and taking a moment every day to be grateful for my body and my life. 

I take this pledge for the freedom of my sisters across the world, recognizing that we are all in this together and we all deserve to lead irrepressible, empathy-filled lives. I stand to speak up online for girls who are victims of looks-based and other bullying and participate in the creation of the safe and loving world I want to live in. 

I commit to lead with love and love the skin I'm in.